Packaging Solutions

  • We receive components for the set
  • We assemble the set
  • We pack the set
  • We palletise it ready for transport.

What are packaging solutions?

In its broadest sense, packaging solutions are the process of enclosing products in preparation for distribution or sale by a packaging company. The aim is to protect products from tampering and also preserve them during storage. The material used to enclose the product varies depending on the type of product. Hoxton offers its clients a wide range of contract packaging services for different types of products. At Hoxton, there are a variety of packaging services based on customer requirements and professional judgment.


Packaging Companies: what can they offer?

There are a number of solutions that packaging companies can offer, that you might not be able to do in house. Packaging is our core business, it’s what we are good at. Our teams are flexible and can get your product packaged and ready for market in the most efficient time. Packaging companies are like having an in-house packaging workforce that you only need to call on when required. We can gear up quickly for your project with minimal time and hassle for your own company and yourself.



Contract Packaging Solutions and  Services

The method of packaging used depends on the type of product and the duration of storage. Even so, the client is at liberty to request a specific packaging service. The services offered include;

Skin packing

In skin packing, we enclose the product using material made from plastic, specifically polymer. Heat is applied to the cover which in turn shrinks tightly over the product. Skin packing is also used in over-wrapping other types of packaging such as boxes. Skin packing is flexible in that it applies to both large and small products, as well as odd-shaped products.

Heat sealing

Heat sealing applies to an assembly process that brings together thermoplastics. Our team of qualified contractors provides heat sealing services mostly to clients dealing with electronics.

Clamshell packing

Clamshell packing involves the use of pre-formed plastics to package products. It is mainly used for small and medium sized consumer products. This packaging service uses aluminum foil or plastics; thus, it protects the product against external factors.

Kit assembly and Co-packing

Kit assembly refers to incorporation of individual components into a container.  Hoxton Industry’s kit assembly packaging service offers flexibility with regards to kit content. Our team of kit assemblers can assemble both standardized and non-standardized products. We offer many kit assembly options; such as, promotional assembly and retail assembly. Hoxton also provides contract packaging services. If the client company does not have the capacity to package, the client can contract us to package the products. Co-packing implies that the client hires us to provide packing services over a specified period of time.


Labelling is an add-on service. Once the product has been sealed, it is labeled with an aim of providing the product information to the end user. Labels may have general product information or specific information required by law. Product information influences the customer choice in purchasing the product. We have experience in various types of labeling which include; barcodes, batch labels and stickers.

Warehousing and container unloading.

We have the capacity to store the client’s goods and materials after packaging. At Hoxton, we provide both long term and short term storage services. Our warehouse also receives goods accompanied with unloading benefits for our clients. Our team unpacks and repacks your product in the most efficient manner. The warehouse provides for pallet storage, pallet wrapping and proper inventory control.

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At Hoxton we offer a variety of packing services and solutions to our customers including:

  • Shrink-Wrapping
  • Clam Shell Packing
  • Header Carding
  • Heat Sealing
  • Kit Assembly
  • General Assembly
  • Mail Outs and Collation
  • Labelling
  • Warehousing and Container Unloading

Download our Services Brochure (A4 2-sided, PDF 1.7Mb).

We are proud of the work our employees produce and our employees take great satisfaction in delivering top quality, on time jobs to our customers!

To discuss your packaging requirements please phone our office on(02) 9607 6159 or complete this Quote Request and we will contact you. You are also welcome to drop into our offices at West Hoxton for an obligation free sample and quote.


Here's what our customers say

  • Hoxton have partnered with The Smith’s Snackfood Company for a number of years, assembling pre-packed display stands for our snack products. They are professional, reliable and committed and importantly deliver on time to our requirements.

    The Smith’s Snackfood Company

    The Smith’s Snackfood Company

  • Hoxton is a reliable partner who provide us with excellent service that importantly ensures we can supply our products to customers on time and as agreed.


    CSR Gyprock

  • As a large national manufacturing business  Trend Windows & Doors Pty Ltd rely on our suppliers to provide an extremely high level of customer service. It’s without doubt our partnership with Hoxton goes above and beyond these expectations as they continue to provide a valuable, professional and reliable partnership with our business. A very well managed team, excellent quality workmanship and brilliant all-round communication. Well done Hoxton, thank you.

    Trend Logo

    Trend Windows & Doors

  • BOC have been dealing with Hoxton for a number of years in regards to contract packing, container receipt and unloading. During this period, BOC cannot fault either their professionalism or reliability.

    BOC Australia

    BOC Australia

  • We have been working with Hoxton industries for 6 years for all our re-pack work and during this time our business has grown substantially. Every time we request additional work or even any ad-hoc work Hoxton industries not only accommodates us, they do it with a smile on their face in and a professional manner. Our relationship with Hoxton has been one of our most fruitful since we started with them in 2013.



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