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October 11, 2016

You have a great product. You have tested the market. You are ready to go retail. But which are the right retail packaging solutions for your product?


Where do you start?

You have already established which retail outlet will be the best fit for your product. So now you just need to get your hands on a copy of their packaging guidelines. If you can’t find these on their website, the buyers are usually only too happy to supply them. These guidelines will be your best resource for investigating the right retail packaging solutions for your product.  It also doesn’t hurt to go into store and check out what is already in your shelf space, what stands out and what doesn’t!


Who should you talk to?

Now you have the guidelines and a rough idea of what you want, it’s time to find a packaging partner to assist you with this journey. And that’s where we at Hoxton can assist you. Retail packaging solutions are what we do best, from small boutique runs right up to national campaign rollouts. We are experienced in various types of packaging and are only too happy to run samples for you…..


Shrink wrapping

Versatile and perfect for retail presentation. Shrink wrapping protects your product but allows it to be fully visible unlike some other outer packaging solutions. Shrink wrapping is also great because there are no expensive set up costs and it can fit all different product shapes and sizes.


Skin packaging

This is one of the ultimate retail packaging solutions. Skin packaging is great for presentation and security. A lot of cosmetic, electronic and high end hardware products use skin packaging for these purposes. There is an initial investment in the setup of skin packaging but these cost can be written off against the security and marketing benefits.


Shelf ready packaging

Most major retailers are now focusing on shelf ready packaging. If you haven’t already thought about this…..  now is the time. Shelf ready packaging is basically the art of packaging your product so it can go straight on the shelf with minimal handling by the retail warehouse or shelf packer. We have experience with various types of SRP including trays, cartons and stands.


Product rework

Sometimes your product will come direct from the manufacturer already packaged. However, you will often find that each retailer will have different ideas about how they want your product presented for their chain. If you are lucky this may just mean relabelling and reconfiguring the carton, but other times it can get more complicated. Again that’s where Hoxton can help. We have lots of experience in product re-works and are only too happy to provide advice and samples.

Check out our packaging solutions page for more ideas, go to our contact us page or give us a call to discuss our many retail packaging solutions.

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Here's what our customers say

  • Hoxton have partnered with The Smith’s Snackfood Company for a number of years, assembling pre-packed display stands for our snack products. They are professional, reliable and committed and importantly deliver on time to our requirements.

    The Smith’s Snackfood Company

    The Smith’s Snackfood Company

  • Hoxton is a reliable partner who provide us with excellent service that importantly ensures we can supply our products to customers on time and as agreed.


    CSR Gyprock

  • As a large national manufacturing business  Trend Windows & Doors Pty Ltd rely on our suppliers to provide an extremely high level of customer service. It’s without doubt our partnership with Hoxton goes above and beyond these expectations as they continue to provide a valuable, professional and reliable partnership with our business. A very well managed team, excellent quality workmanship and brilliant all-round communication. Well done Hoxton, thank you.

    Trend Logo

    Trend Windows & Doors

  • BOC have been dealing with Hoxton for a number of years in regards to contract packing, container receipt and unloading. During this period, BOC cannot fault either their professionalism or reliability.

    BOC Australia

    BOC Australia

  • We have been working with Hoxton industries for 6 years for all our re-pack work and during this time our business has grown substantially. Every time we request additional work or even any ad-hoc work Hoxton industries not only accommodates us, they do it with a smile on their face in and a professional manner. Our relationship with Hoxton has been one of our most fruitful since we started with them in 2013.



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